EDrummer's Partner
by PFozz



EDrummer's Partner is a software solution for drummers using an electronic drum module to control a PC used as a sound source.
It is compatable with most drum modules or trigger to MIDI interfaces and most software drums synthesizers/samplers.


EDrummer's Partner makes it possible to use a real feeling, variable hi-hat controller to control a software instrument/sampler, or any MIDI sounds modules.
It uses your external module’s foot controller, a joystick, or a low-cost DIY foot controller (see upcoming info at edrum.for.free.fr) for a variable sensing, from fully opened to closed.
Edrummer’s Partner can produce foot chicks and opening splash sounds from the foot controller only (not using corresponding MIDI notes sent by your edrum module).

Non Hihat

- Auto alternate snare hits ;
- Choke cymbals ;
- Filter and route MIDI messages ;
- ...

Usage, Distribution & Legal Stuff

EDrummer's Partner is freeware and may be freely used for any purpose.
Redistribution of this software must be done on a non-commercial basis, and the entire contents of the archive must be maintained.

This software is provided as-is and is free for your own use.
Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure that the software is free of problems, the developer offers no warranty for it, and cannot accept responsiblity for any problems it may cause.


Thanx to M.Beatnik, Xan, CSR, Scarmike, Bount, Jesaipa,
FunkApotimus and all innovative DIYers.

Thanx to Chris Jude and everyone at EDrumming.com for precious help and support to the edrumming community.

Thanx to Ninig for logos, and various graphical artwork.

Thanx to Douglas Whates for his great free samples

Thanx to Todd, Pat Fischer, Sylvain, Bante for beta-testing and ideas.

Thanx to Todd (again) for user's manual corrections.

Thanx to Mart for his midifile including positional sensing messages.

Thanx to the Toontrack crew for everything ;)



- Please read included manual
- Run EDP first, before launching any virtual instruments host, software sampler, ...
- Discuss about this software in my dedicated forums

Download EDP 1.2

Enjoy ;)

-- PFozz --